On July 1st, 2025, the Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging will be implemented.


Since you are already a member of Elretur, there will be no extra charge when you become a member of Emballageretur. The membership fee you already pay for Elretur will also cover your membership of Emballageretur.

Membership includes:

  • Access to Denmark’s leading knowledge base on producer responsibility and the handling and recycling of packaging.
  • Emballageretur’s “environmental label” demonstrates that you and your company are preparing for producer responsibility and acting in an environmentally responsible way.
  • Cost-effective management of your packaging waste. Benchmark shows that Elretur is among the cheapest producer responsibility schemes in Europe – experience that Emballageretur will benefit from.
  • Influence and co-determination regarding the work, membership offers and key issues of Emballageretur. Emballageretur is a member-driven association.
  • Advice and inspiration from Denmark’s most experienced actors in the field of packaging.
  • Access to Emballageretur’s international platform, so you can also comply with packaging responsibility in other EU countries as well as Norway, Switzerland and the UK.
  • Knowledge on sustainable packaging design and best practice recycling strategies as well as access to working groups.
  • A reduction in your own and Denmark’s climate and environmental footprint, saving the environment many tonnes of CO2.
  • A stronger green profile with your customers and other stakeholders.
Your membership of Emballageretur will evolve in the run up to 2025

Initially, you will be a member of our knowledge community.

Later, your company will join our collective scheme, which handles your producer responsibility. We’ll keep you updated on important dates and events up to (and after) the final rules come into force.


The Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging will become mandatory from July 1st, 2025. The Ministry of Environment estimates that 41,000 companies may be subject to the producer responsibility.

The best solution regarding your future producer responsibility is to become a member of Emballageretur. 

You’ll save time and money by signing up to our collective scheme. Our organisation has years of experience in designing waste management processes to provide you with the most efficient, sustainable and cost-effective solution when it comes to your producer responsibility. 

The aim of introducing producer responsibility for packaging is to encourage producers and importers to think about sustainable solutions to packaging challenges. From packaging design that makes it easy to reuse packaging, the use of recycled materials in packaging and to the most efficient handling logistics and technology. 

As a member of Emballageretur, you are guaranteed that your discarded packaging will be recycled in the best possible way. Ensuring that the packaging waste stream is as green as possible will have a positive impact on your image with customers and partners. 

Using sustainable packaging that’s easy to recycle means you’ll save money, protect our shared environment and reduce CO2 emissions.

Different countries have different rules. That’s why it’s very important that members of Emballageretur also have access to our European platform, where you can access all the information you need to act in an environmentally responsible way outside your country and strengthen the circular economy. 

Emballageretur is independent and originates from Elretur, which since 2005 has gained extensive knowledge of organising and activating all the processes associated with the handling and recycling of waste. From general recycling and recovery strategies to practical logistics. 

Emballageretur naturally taps into this knowledge base. Even though Emballageretur is a new actor in waste management, the organisation has great insight and experience in the whole waste cycle. From collection to recycling.